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Is Body Lift A Permanent Weight Loss Solution?

Weight LossWeight loss is good and most people target it as way of attaining the body shape of their dreams. However, individuals who had a high Body Mass Index always find themselves with a lot of sagging skin and massive folds of skin around the breasts, the buttocks, the thighs and the abdomen. This folds of skin brings that ageing skin appearance hence bringing forth the need to do away with them.

A body lift is a surgical procedure that target doing away with the folds of skin that result either from aging or massive weight loss. It is one of the most dependable methods since it takes short duration of time to loose the whole extra skin and its permanence is only altered by further weight loss or gain and aging. Hundreds of people in the first world countries have taken this surgeon’s knife way as their ultimate solution to shapely bodies and weight loss? But how permanent is the solution?

It involves several post-surgical care activities. Being a major surgery, full recovery takes time. The recovery period which exceeds six weeks involve pain that is controlled using intravenous medications and later the oral pain control pills. Individuals are also restricted to certain diets. Several risks and complications are also expected during the period. These risks include;

– Accumulation of excessive tissue fluids.

– Minor breakages of the skin.

– The treated area may lose sensation permanently.

– Possibility of another confirmatory surgery.

Beyond these complications that may give rise to need of another surgical procedure, the following are cases that disqualifies it as an ultimate permanent weight loss solution.

– Mothers who expect further pregnancies face complications; a pregnancy after the body lift can cause complications such as skin breakage and loss of sensation or possible internal bleeding. The pregnancy is likely to develop several complications due to the tightened skin.

– It doesn’t help in any way to counteract future weight gain and further deposits of fat below the tissues which underwent the process. There is hence a possibility of further weight gain which can cause several complications and need for another day on the surgeons bed.

– The procedure brings forth the need for future surgeries and follow up procedures such as arm lift and inner thigh lift.

– It is mostly targeted towards shaping the body rather than loosing weight.

No weight loss solutions are permanent: even the workout activates. However surgical weight loss procedures come with possible complications with no muscle buildup involved. Going for the exercises would hence be more advisable.


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