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Why the Electronic Cigarettes Festivus Forum So Popular

Electronic Cigarette Tree is a well known website which has several reviews and forums regarding electronic cigarettes of various well known brands. But even the best brands may make mistakes. If you are tired of contacting them through calls and emails but getting no response then the Electronic Cigarettes Festivus forum is an amazing place to voice your grievances.

Taking the idea from the Festivus day when people voice their opinions and problems regarding various services and products. This forum at Electronic Cigarettes Tree is open to all. You can join the conversation here and you will find various people talking about whatever problems they have had with electronic cigarettes. A link of this forum is sent directly to the websites of the brands that are being discussed about. The brands themselves are invited to talk here online at this forum with their customers so that they can talk out the problems in order to come to a conclusion in how to solve it.

What problems can one face regarding electronic cigarettes?

  • Occasionally people complain about leaking cartridges of the electronic cigarettes they receive.
  • The packaging is sometimes messy and not up to the mark.
  • There are delays in the delivery.
  • Flavored e cigarettes sometimes lose their flavor after a few puffs.
  • Sometimes the company keeps on saying that they are out of stock even if the money has been sent by the customer months ago. When they come back for a refund they don’t get it.

These are some of the problems which have been seen regarding electronic cigarettes. If you too have faced something like this then this forum is the best place to talk about it. This is a legitimate website and forum and everyone is invited to say what’s on their minds on the subject of e cigarettes of any brand.

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