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What do you mean by tonsils?

tonsilsThe term tonsils is nothing but the part of lymphatic system that would help us to fight against the infections and prevent them. Tonsils are masses which are just like the lymph nodes and are located on either side of the throat. These are also covered by the mucosa which is pink in color. Crypts run through the mucosa of each of the tonsils. When there is any infection in the tonsils these might grow big in size depending up on the severity of infection and can affects your health. Sometimes if the infection doesn’t get cured it might be in need to remove the tonsils. But one main thing which you need to make sure is that removal of tonsils does make your susceptible for infections.

Tonsils might vary from one person to other and it is based on the condition of the infection the person has. As tonsils have the lymphatic tissue they can produce white blood cells and antibodies and hence prevent you from getting any kind of infections. These healthy tonsils are generally in the size of walnuts. If the food which you take has bacteria it might enter and reach the tonsil crypt. As the lymph tissues are surrounded with several folds or deep crypts the bacteria cannot penetrate but might reside in the fold. Some might enter the throat along with the food and saliva that you swallow. We all know that the tonsils are known to be the first line of defense in our body system. We have even learnt that these act as gate keepers to prevent scavengers from entering our body.

Though the tonsils are very small in size these play a very vital role in maintaining your immunity levels by preventing any kind of bacteria from entering in to the body. As these are the part of antibodies these can even protect you by resisting the other infections from damaging your body cells. But if you have continuous or recurring infections then you should never neglect to consult a professional physician or doctor so that they can diagnose the problem at an early stage before the situation gets worsened and can give you the right kind of treatment with which you can get back to the normal life. Sometimes doctors would suggest you to undergo tonsils removal surgery so as to clear the infection and untreated bacteria that is in the tonsils. But in general, that is not advisable.


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