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Turn Up The Tunes For Better Health

images (1)“One advantage of music, when it strikes you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

Medical scientists have proven that the music legend was ahead of his time when he connected music and health. Actually, we now know that music goes beyond enjoyment and keeps great medical power-from decreasing pain to enhancing memory. Here are some of the most common benefits of music:

Reduces Stress – Paying attention to music activates a biochemical reaction in most individuals that decreases stress. It’s widely used as a tool to reduce anxiety in cancer sufferers. Music has even been used to help relax Parkinson’s sufferers during surgery where they are required to stay conscious because it decreases the neuronal firings deep within the brain, considerably decreasing stress and pressure. However, the choice of music is important since certain music can induce adverse psychological reactions.

Eases Pain – Slow musical tunes can change brain wave speed to create a meditation or hypnotic state. Some studies suggest that using rhythmic stimulation to generate these conditions can have a healing effect, decreasing symptoms of migraine headache, PMS and even behavior issues.

Soothes BabiesĀ – While lullabies have long been played around the world, they have a very special place in neonatal intensive care units where they have proven to improve heart rates and respiration. Actually, babies revealed to music often have better sleep and feeding.

Protects the Ageing BrainĀ – As a person ages, having musical training is considered to secure psychological sharpness. Researchers found that individuals who had the most musical training during their life had the best psychological sharpness and obtained maximum on brain functioning assessments. And it’s never too late to begin.

Boosts Intellectual Capabilities – Music may improve efficiency on cognitive projects, and is even considered to improve the capability of enrollees to answer more questions properly. However, the music option must be appropriate to the situation. Additionally, scientists in Hong Kong believe there’s a link between the amount of music coaching a child gets and their spoken storage.

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