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Teen Pregnancy Solutions

We live in a world, a world of innovation and freedom. It ‘a fact that the new generation is always being discovered. They tend to try different things, especially when it comes to sex, and we must recognize that adolescents are curious about it. Statistics says that the number of births among teenagers has increased by 200 percent from 60, and one in four women will get pregnant at the age of 18 years and a half will be pregnant at the age of 21 years, if c ‘is the case , parents should make sure to educate their children teen pregnancy.

Because of the pregnancy:

Experts say that for various reasons, the pregnant teenager. A major reason is because they believe that the child will make changes in their lives such as having friends or get closer to their family and girlfriend. But what I do not know that having a child brings greater responsibility for their lives. Pregnancy is a life changing experience. Parents should tell children that pregnancy is not just a play on stage, they give their children that pregnancy is not the solution, or should be used as a pretext for the rebellion. Pregnancy changed their lives.

Effects of a country:

Many countries have been promoting contraception and safe sex to young people, especially as the population of the incredible inflation in recent decades. A good example is Red China. The one-child policy has completed two because of overcrowding. If someone is expecting a third child, the mother was forced to interrupt the child, or to be executed for violating the law. For this reason the authorities in China are typically one of the users rated the pregnancy testing by ELISA to determine pregnancy in women of his childhood.

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