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Sugar And Weight

images (1)Deciding to cut out sweet things to be able to drop a few weight is a very sensible option. Sugar is, after all, a resource of empty calories. Reducing sugar to manage weight seems like the way to go, but there is even more to it than meets the eye. Sugar contains the molecules of fructose and glucose. Although glucose is important for survival and is used by our whole metabolism, fructose is a different story. Fructose has very little use in one’s body, apart from in the liver where it is transformed into fat. When we eat sugar we are, in effect and in a probably overly simple way, just including to our fat reserves unless we burn the sugar off instantly.

The fructose part of sugar can also cause to leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone which is produced by our fat tissues to tell the brain that we have enough reserves and can continue for a while without eating. Leptin informs the brains that we do not need to eat. When the brain is not getting these hormonal alerts, it believes we still need to eat to prevent the chance of starvation. It also creates us burn less calories so that we can store more fat. No matter how great our determination is, it is very hard to overrule this metabolic circuit in our systems. That is why simply reducing calories (while still taking sugar) and moving more normally does not work. The fructose part of sugar is also mostly accountable for insulin resistance. When we are insulin resistant the levels of insulin in our body are elevated. This causes more fat to be saved in our fat tissues (in the long run it can cause to type II diabetics, among other things). As an aside, while eating meals which contain glucose make us experience satisfied, eating foods which are high in fructose are more than likely to keep us still experience hunger, or feel starving again very easily.

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