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Steroid effects

Anabolic Steroids can yield both negative and positive effects on the body. They’re used primarily for their positive effects, but can also be used to experience the negative effects users experience for reasons such as hormonal therapy for trans- genders, where gynecomastia may be a favoured effect.

Steroids are mostly used as they give the user various positive effects and these range from both psychological and physical. Anabolism or the building of proteins/aminos is one of the most common steroid effects. Because they offer such distinctive advantages and not all steroid behave the same way, from AR efficiency binding, to protein synthesis and turnover, they are often stacked or cycles together, giving the user a synergistic effect.

Orals anabolic steroids will usually impact the user with more toxicity than injectable steroids, giving different positive effects and side effects associated with their use. Most orals steroids are 17-alpha-alkylated so will need to be metabolised by the liver, where they cause stress and often elevate liver values.

Injectable anabolic steroids do not need to pass through liver metabolism and enter the blood stream via intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. Here they exert their effects on the subject. Not all injectables give the same steroid effects, however, just like orals they range in impact on bodily functions and effectiveness and body fat reduction and LBM accrual.

Because of side effects associated with steroid effects and use, it’s advised to seek medical supervision. If side effects arise, we suggest you lower the dosage considerably, or stop use. Using high steroid doses or for prolonged periods can mean temporary side effects end up permanent.


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