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Requirements for ACLS certification

The ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support is essentially some skills which are especially designed to deal with people who are undergoing some kind of medical emergency. The ACLS builds on the technique of basic life support but adds a lot of different and advanced abilities like electrocardiogram analysis, use of intravenous lines and intubation and defibrillation. Since the health care practitioners are expected to deal with medical emergencies like cardiac arrest and heart arrhythmia, it is always advisable to have the special ACLS certification. The certificate course is offered in a lot of places, both offline and online and can be passed with a bit of effort if you meet the requirements.

Requirements for Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification

  • Since it is      an advanced training, the Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification is      offered to trained healthcare professionals only. The course providers      assume that those who are taking the course have knowledge about the      basics of healthcare and also certain techniques like CPR. Medical      practitioners including doctor, nurses, emergency medical attendants and      paramedics can enroll for the course.
  • There are      many organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA) which offer      the Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification. The Advanced Cardiac Life      Support course provided by AHA takes 13 ½ hours and though there are many      other organizations that offer the course, they are comparable. The course      teaches advanced technologies for life support and also tests the ability      of the candidates to administer these technologies alone. Once a candidate      passes both the practical and written examination; he or she will be given      the certification card.
  • The      certificate for Advanced Cardiac Life Support is valid for 2 years. Since      ACLS requires the healthcare professionals to be up to date with all the      latest technologies, the candidates will have to get recertified every two      years.


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