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Have A Healthy Hair

Having a healthy hair can redefine your beauty. Different people have different hair types. Basically it can be classified into Normal, Oily, Dry, and Combination. It is important to know the type and texture of hair to select the type of hair care products and treatment. A regular hair care routine is needed to have a healthy hair. Using a shampoo and conditioner regularly is suggested. Use a hair serum if required. Do not comb the wet hair until it dries naturally. Minimize the use of heating machines like blow dryers, straightening irons, and curling devices as these damage your hair. Protect your hair from UV rays and strong winds by wearing a scarf or hat. Avoid breakage of hair by using elastic bands and other accessories.

Oil your hair once in a week. Massaging your hair can improve the blood supply and hence increasing the nutrition to the hair. The diet plays a vital role in having a healthy hair. Adequate protein has to be included in your diet. Protein rich foods are eggs, chicken, sprouts and soya. Have two glasses of milk daily.  Drinking plenty of water can keep you hydrated promoting hair growth and minimizing dandruff. For dry hair, do not shampoo your hair everyday as it can make your hair more dry and dull looking. Oily hairs are due to excessive and overactive oil glands of the scalp. Use shampoo and conditioners made only for oily hairs and hence you can remove the excess oil. Sleeping on a satin pillow case helps reduce knots and frizz. Treat your hair to a professional treatment once a month at your salon. It repairs your hair and leaves you relaxed after a nice head massage.

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