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Achieve The Perfect Face With The Help Of An Expert

Not all of us are born with perfect features. Many of us have experienced situations in which we have been embarrassed about our physical appearance and know what it is like to suffer from issues of self worth due to our looks. One of the most common areas of embarrassment is the ears.


Many individuals are born with large or irregularly shaped ears. Sometimes the ears are angled forward and give the face a funny look, lowering an individual’s self-esteem and making them self conscious. Patients who wish to permanently address such issues can visit Tansavatdi Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Center in Westlake Village for surgical otoplasty.


Reshaping your ears falls under the category of cosmetic surgery, but the specific procedure is known as otoplasty. During otoplasty surgery incisions are made behind each ear. By choosing Tansavatdi Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery, you can rest assured that you or your child is receiving the absolute best otoplasty treatment possible.


Patients looking for alternative cosmetic cures, expert advice, or non-surgical alternatives to procedures like face lifts and brow lifts can find the excellent services they need by visiting Dr. Tansavatdi as well. Don’t wait until the lines on your face are the first thing people notice about you, speak with Dr. Tansavatdi about groundbreaking Radiesse treatments that can take years off your face after only a single office session. In this procedure, calcium based injections are administered to the face to take over where the body’s own collagen once worked to address faint lines and wrinkles. The results last for months at a time. Radiesse also promotes the natural production of collagen in the body, and many patients improve to the point where they actually need only touch up treatments a few times per year.

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