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Marijuana in My Hair: The Science behind It

When you smoke a joint, you are living for the moment. You can forget all the stress in the world, ignore all the regrets and remain unaware of the uncertainties of tomorrow. But everything will change the day after. It will mark the first day of the 90-day window where you can test positive if […]


Buy Medicinal Weeds from Online Dispensary

Medicinal weeds are very important thing as they are used to make several important life-saving drugs. These are largely used to cure certain diseases and health problems. It’s not easier to find these weeds in regular stores as they need special certificate, testing and legal license. But now, many online dispensaries have solved this big […]


What do you mean by tonsils?

The term tonsils is nothing but the part of lymphatic system that would help us to fight against the infections and prevent them. Tonsils are masses which are just like the lymph nodes and are located on either side of the throat. These are also covered by the mucosa which is pink in color. Crypts […]


Laval travel clinic: the vaccination centre that will accompany you before, during and after your journey

Before going on any trip, we recommend coming to our Laval travel clinic. At 514Vaccins, we specialize in your health before, during and after you travel to foreign countries. Our Laval vaccination clinic is one of the best in the region. We not only offer consultations and vaccination to travelers going to a wide range […]


Sterile Diluent Canada

To preserve cell viability and integrity, saline is resourceful sterile water. This is because of its lack of properties that can hinder tests of antibiotic susceptibility and biochemical reactions. Concentrated sodium chloride (0.85%) introduces osmotic protection of microbial cells. Scientists use this saline water to prepare microbial suspensions when it is essential to achieve certain […]


Some principles of overcoming the pain

The basic principles of overcoming the pain are: • Provide oral analgesics, if possible. • Give analgesics regularly, so that the child does not feel the recurrence of pain • Give analgesics with increasing doses gradually or start with mild analgesics and proceed with a more powerful analgesic as needed before. • Determine the dose […]

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Turn Up The Tunes For Better Health

“One advantage of music, when it strikes you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley Medical scientists have proven that the music legend was ahead of his time when he connected music and health. Actually, we now know that music goes beyond enjoyment and keeps great medical power-from decreasing pain to enhancing memory. Here are […]

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Get Your Kids To Eat More Greens

Vegetables are super foods. Just to name a few: kale, arugula, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, collard greens,  etc. Leafy greens are complete of natural vitamins, minerals (such as potassium, iron and calcium) and disease-fighting components. They are rich in fibers that helps keep you complete more time. Also, leafy greens contain a lot of water so […]

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Sugar And Weight

Deciding to cut out sweet things to be able to drop a few weight is a very sensible option. Sugar is, after all, a resource of empty calories. Reducing sugar to manage weight seems like the way to go, but there is even more to it than meets the eye. Sugar contains the molecules of fructose […]

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Arthritis Management

Arthritis disease, which means swelling in some joint, affects millions of Americans. A joint can be any space in between two bones, so it’s possible to have arthritis in any area of one’s body. Most commonly, individuals get affected by arthritis in their feet, hands and elbows. Chiropractic can improve the working of the joints and the signs related with […]