Some principles of overcoming the pain

packets-of-pillsThe basic principles of overcoming the pain are:
• Provide oral analgesics, if possible.
• Give analgesics regularly, so that the child does not feel the recurrence of pain
• Give analgesics with increasing doses gradually or start with mild analgesics and proceed with a more powerful analgesic as needed before.
• Determine the dose for each child, because every child needs a different dose to get the same effect.

Use the following drugs as an effective pain reliever.

1. Local anesthesia: for pain in the skin or mucosal lesions, or as a result of a painful procedure.
• Lidocaine: apply ointment on the gauze on the wound before the child’s mouth to be fed; This will react within 2-5 minutes.
• TAC (tetracaine, adrenaline, cocaine): apply on gauze and place it on the wound; this is especially useful when suturing.

2. Analgesics: for mild and moderate pain (such as headaches, post-traumatic pain, and pain that is caused by spasm)
• Aspirin: Aspirin is not recommended as a first choice antipyretic because it is associated with Reye’s syndrome, a condition that is rare but serious that attacks the liver and brain. Do not give aspirin to children suffering from chickenpox, dengue fever and other hemorrhagic disorders.
• Anti-inflammatory non-steroidal.

3. Potent analgesics such as opiates: for moderate and very severe pain that does not respond to treatment with analgesics.
• Morphine, a strong pain reliever and it’s cheap: give orally or IV every 4-6 hours, or continuous infusion.
• Pethidine: give orally or IM every 4-6 hours.
• Codeine: give orally every 6-12 hours that is combined with non-opioids to strengthen.

Note: Do monitoring on the possibility of respiratory depression. If there is tolerance, the dose should be increased to get the same pain relief effect.

4. Other drugs: for specific pain, include diazepam for muscle spasm, carbamazepine for neuropathic pain, and corticosteroids (such as dexamethasone) for pain due to swelling due to inflammation that suppresses nerve.

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Fitness tips for women

fitness tips 1Many women are there who always stay fit. Maintaining the fitness can help them to stay healthy. Some women have just started to maintain fitness, some other have followed the fitness tips for some time and some other who are looking for advice to improve it. These people can follow the tips described in this article to stay fit and healthy. First thing to do is they have to find the fitness program suiting them the best. This should ensure that they did not follow any program that may cause them to get hurt and frustrated. Second thing that they have to do is setting a realistic goal. An example for this is losing some pounds in a month. Before they start any fitness program they should make sure that the program they are going to follow does not provide any false hope in achieving their goal of losing some pounds.

Women can confirm the best fitness program by keeping track of all blocks they encounter on every day. Third thing is training the body parts and muscles where they work most. If they like to build strong muscles, they have to burn more amounts of calories. In addition they have to lift some weights and do some multi joint exercises for body building. When they work on maintaining the fitness, they have to try performing variety of physical exercises. As a result they will feel tired, exhausted and lose energy. Another tip in fitness tips for women is staying motivated. If they demonstrate their skills, they should stay consistent to maintain the fitness. If they take most fitness advices and suggestions for women, then they are able to choose the best fitness program and physical training that are best for them. They should work harder on each day to obtain best results.

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The uses of hand care products and importance

hand careThe hands usually speak more about one’s skin and about the age. For this reason, you must adopt an anti-aging skin cream that make the skin soft and supple. Dryness of the skin is the main culprit and can be simply avoided simply by using use of the skin care moisturizers that helps in hydrating your skin. Dryness is caused mainly because of the loss of collagen in the skin tissue and is a result of quite a number of factors like harsh weather, harsh detergents and other chemicals. Thus, most of the skin care reviews show that some of the facial products especially creams of higher brands can work magnificently for your delicate skin.

Moisturizing and anti aging creams are the best when it comes to nourishing and moisturizing the skin if well cared. It is always recommended to wash utensils or clothes with the gloves on, as the detergent is harsh for the skin. If you hand wash your laundry, ensure that you make adequate use of skin moisturizers that have essentials oils to keep your skin soft and provide complete nourishment. Feet and hands are least cared when it comes to skin care, however they should not be forgotten when it comes to the care and attention. Harsh chemical agents, dipping in and out of the water, regular exposure to the outside elements and having the dead skin accumulated without removing them with the scrub or exfoliating cream, all take their role in making the hands not so appealing. It is very important to keep them exfoliated and nourished by treating them daily with the cream, lotion and other hand care products.

Regular washing is an important factor that plays a major role in preventing the spread of the infection, can dry out your soft skin, especially if the strong soaps are used. Most of the hand wash are alcohol based that helps in reducing the germs and microorganisms and potentially decreases damage to your skin as compared to the detergents in soaps and friction on drying hands with towels. Over- washing can damage the skin and can cause irritation or dryness. Use the moisturizing lotions or creams to help prevent these issues. Thus, ensure that you use make use of the hydrating cream or lotion on the regular basis in order to avoid such problems related to dryness.

Hand care products also help in protecting the skin from the damage and a complete protection against the moisture loss by providing added nourishment. Generally the cream gets removed either due to its absorption in the skin, skin sloughing or either due to regular washing or other reason. Some of the creams and moisturizers contain emulsifiers and other antioxidant that gets absorbed into the skin completely. In deciding the type of the moisture you use depends totally on dryness of your skin and the exposure to the potentially skin -drying conditions. In addition, if you have been continuously trying to improve your excessive skin drying condition, it is always suggested to consult your skin specialist or health care provider.

Author Bio:

Owen Ormsley gives his advice on choosing hand care products for different skin types. Follow these tips to take care of your hands properly.

Turn Up The Tunes For Better Health

images (1)“One advantage of music, when it strikes you, you feel no pain.” – Bob Marley

Medical scientists have proven that the music legend was ahead of his time when he connected music and health. Actually, we now know that music goes beyond enjoyment and keeps great medical power-from decreasing pain to enhancing memory. Here are some of the most common benefits of music:

Reduces Stress – Paying attention to music activates a biochemical reaction in most individuals that decreases stress. It’s widely used as a tool to reduce anxiety in cancer sufferers. Music has even been used to help relax Parkinson’s sufferers during surgery where they are required to stay conscious because it decreases the neuronal firings deep within the brain, considerably decreasing stress and pressure. However, the choice of music is important since certain music can induce adverse psychological reactions.

Eases Pain – Slow musical tunes can change brain wave speed to create a meditation or hypnotic state. Some studies suggest that using rhythmic stimulation to generate these conditions can have a healing effect, decreasing symptoms of migraine headache, PMS and even behavior issues.

Soothes Babies – While lullabies have long been played around the world, they have a very special place in neonatal intensive care units where they have proven to improve heart rates and respiration. Actually, babies revealed to music often have better sleep and feeding.

Protects the Ageing Brain – As a person ages, having musical training is considered to secure psychological sharpness. Researchers found that individuals who had the most musical training during their life had the best psychological sharpness and obtained maximum on brain functioning assessments. And it’s never too late to begin.

Boosts Intellectual Capabilities – Music may improve efficiency on cognitive projects, and is even considered to improve the capability of enrollees to answer more questions properly. However, the music option must be appropriate to the situation. Additionally, scientists in Hong Kong believe there’s a link between the amount of music coaching a child gets and their spoken storage.

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Get Your Kids To Eat More Greens

images (3)Vegetables are super foods. Just to name a few: kale, arugula, spinach, lettuce, swiss chard, collard greens,  etc. Leafy greens are complete of natural vitamins, minerals (such as potassium, iron and calcium) and disease-fighting components. They are rich in fibers that helps keep you complete more time. Also, leafy greens contain a lot of water so you can stay hydrated. And they promote a proper and balanced skin and hair. Some of leafy greens, like kale, are loaded with Vitamin C that help to keep your bones and tooth powerful. You would like your kids to eat more greens. But feeding picky people, you don’t even know where to begin. You’ve tried and it did not go well. Your kid doesn’t even want to try a chew. So how do you get your kids consuming more greens?

First of all, kid’s palettes are more delicate to textures and tastes. It requires them more time to create a taste for something. Health professionals recommend to moms about the significance of revealing kids to lots of different tastes. They say it conditions them to accept to a wide range of more healthy food. They recommend mother and father to try and try again, as research has shown that it can take as many as 10 to 15 tastes before a kid learns to appreciate a new flavor. But our first taste encounters happen even before we are able to eat food. Babies are revealed to tastes through breasts milk, which reflects the tastes of food, beverages or spices in a mother’s diet. So if you are expecting a baby right now, try to eat a wide range of vegetables and fruits. Patience is a key here. Sometimes they need to try it couple of times before they begin liking it. You want to present greens to them as early as you can. Don’t give up after your first try.

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